Shade Worshipper

Conceptual product idea, identity and packaging for a range of very high factor sun care for people with pale, fair skin who like to avoid the sun’s harmful rays.

The concept and execution deliberately challenges all the conventions of the category- the dominant yellow/brown colour palette and the prevailing assumption that all consumers aspire to tanned skin.

Shade Worshipper is designed to offer an alternative on every level to the sun kissed, Californian beach babe aesthetic- a brand that represents a different cultural and style sensibility, one that celebrates the beauty and the health benefits of unsullied, lily white skin and the style statement of a monochrome palette.

The logo and broader creative execution draws its inspiration from the nature and symbolism of the bat. The W motif is informed by its shape & form when hanging, the structural and merchandising format then further reflects this aspect of the bat. The broader theme is intended to reference the obvious behavioral parallels with bats – avoidance of going out in sunlight – preferring the dark etc but also an alternative, darker, gothic style statement.

  • Client - Afterhours play
  • Job - Shade Worshipper
  • What we did - product concept, naming, identity, structural packaging concept, graphics
  • Award - Silver Pentaward