Pearl Productions

Identity and stationery set for Pearl Productions wedding film makers designed to reflect the quirky, silent film values of their production style.

Inspired by the aesthetics and ephemera of classic romantic cinema, the identity seeks to draw parallels with this emotional world and the creation of clients’ own personal ‘love stories’.

The stationery mastheads are based on the old style cinema signage and the reverses feature film posters for the same imagined titles, each one capturing the sequential narrative of the couple’s journey from meeting to the big day itself.

The business cards are created in pairs, a set of two perforated ‘cinema tickets’ for the future bride and groom.

The ‘films’ themselves are presented in old school cinema style reel tins, adding to the quirky, eclectic feel of the identity.

  • Client - Suzie Joyce
  • Job - pearl productions
  • What we did - identity, Stationery, Promotional Material