j box

Identity, stationery and self promotion for Cornish electrician Jay Bennett.

Based on a central ‘J’ electrical bolt, the mark captures his name and profession in one. The identity was intended to reflect his small, personal service and his specialism in the music and hospitality sectors, often picking up business through the live music scene.

As a small business, we had to create a low budget solution. The letterhead is digitally printed on sugar paper stock for a raw, stripped back aesthetic.

To accompany this, matchbook ‘business cards’ were created promoting his services: ”Need a light, Boy?” Perfect to light a candle in a black out!

Finally, as an extension of the idea, a playful pastiche of  a rock T shirt would be produced each year to record his ‘tour’ of work venues around Devon and Cornwall.

  • Client - Jay Bennett
  • Job - j box
  • What we did - Brand creation, Identity, stationery, promotional material