Boxd storage

Brand creation for a new app based storage concept soon to launch in the USA.

The service reserves storage space for customers at the tap of a button via a new app system. Deliverables included logo, app icon, website design, visual language and promotional materials and is set to roll out over the next few months.

The new design concept seeks to capture the ease, efficiency and function of the service: a simple way to create order and free up space. To reflect this, the identity itself is a modular logotype composed of square, box shaped letterforms that in a compressed form creates the app icon – a stylised open box. This is brought to life through a simple animation sequence which sees the expanded logotype gradually come together and overlay as the characters are ‘packed away’ into the final box icon. This will play out on the site and as the app loads.

This continues in the broader identity system: The box grid is used as a practical tool to demonstrate storage capacities and is brought to life in 3D across physical storage boxes.

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